You could have the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it—it won't sell!
That's why book marketing and promotion is absolutely critical to your book's success!

Market Your Book

We have the best PR team at Bermingham Books who will help book retailers, book buyers, AND the media
know about your book!
So many authors spend months writing the most amazing books, then sadly fall short in the marketing and promotion space which leaves their awesome books collecting dust!  All that hard work, and no one gets to read or even know about their book!
Marketing and promotion can be a tough gig. After promoting dozens of authors and their books, we know how much time and energy goes into marketing, it's HUGE! In addition, book marketing needs to be tailor made, fine tuned and relevant. It's specific marketing,  not just marketing to the masses. 

We know what it takes for a book to become a bestseller, a great story or concept is only the beginning, from there it's all about the promotion.

Many authors aren't marketers. Some don't know where to begin, and others don't have the time to promote their books. That's where we come in! 
We understand what the most important marketing and promotional activities are for books, and have included all the major ones in our PR package for you. These strategies are also the ones that most authors find really tough to action, so we've taken the headache out of it, packaged it up, and can do it for you!
Here's what you can expect when you engage us to do your book marketing...


Media Release
    We write your media release inclusive of your backstory, the reason why you wrote your book, and market attractive information about your book.
Promotion to media outlets relevant your book 
  • We email your media release out to all our media contacts including TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Online Publications that are book relevant.

Media follow up & organisation of interviews
  • After the media release is sent out, we follow up with phone calls to our contacts to secure and organise interviews, and media exposure, for you and your book. 

Book Retailers Advance Information Sales Sheet
  • A sales sheet is written and designed and sent to our extensive database of book retailers in Australia. We also send this to your distribution company. 

Promotional Book Trailer
  • We produce a fantastic visual video book trailer to capture the interest of readers and buyers. We use this in promoting your book online and you can also use it on your website or social media pages too! 

Promotion to Book Retailers
  • As well as sending the AIS to book retailers, we also send the book trailer, and encourage bookstores to have you in for an author signing. We also send out marketing updates to let them know of any upcoming media as well.

Social Media Campaign
  • We write and develop 2 social media campaigns to attract the interest and be prompted to buy your book. It's a fabulous way to gain targeted exposure for your book - showcasing it to your audience and create a buying buzz!

Each month we dedicate our focus to marketing and promoting just 4 titles only to ensure we can give each our total attention and not bombard the media.

We make you SHINE!

We roll out the different promotional elements over a 4 week period, personalising them and presenting you and your book individually, encapsulating your unique WOW characteristics. 
Every campaign is different, because every book and author is different! While we can't, (in fact no one can) guarantee how much media and which of the media outlets will cover your story, or even how many copies of your book will sell! What we can guarantee is that book retailers and the relevant media WILL know about your book through our targeted  campaign.  So too will thousands of potential readers in the social media campaign we will roll out for you. 
We also give you strategies along the way for you to implement afterwards so you're not left thinking "what next?"  
You can begin now for as little as $3500!
Contact us here now to get started!