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We understand what authors need most, how to deliver it, and who the best people are to make it happen.

Our Book Publishing Package includes everything an author needs to transform their manuscript into a saleable, marketable product.
Under the experienced, and watchful eye of Rachael Bermingham—10-time bestselling author, book producer, publisher, distributor, marketer and writers mentor, your book will be guided through the production process with the Bermingham Books team. 

It's publishing done for you, in the one place, from start to finish. 

Our team have a wealth of book industry wisdom, and know just what a book needs to go from good to great, and beyond!

Our Publishing Essentials Package has everything you need

to bring your work to life. 

After years of helping authors bring their work to life, we also understand what makes them want to tear their hair out, what costs them time and money, and what mistakes they sometimes make that render their books unsaleable. Our way avoids all of that.  

We have produced books of all genre's including children's books, cookbooks, photography books, health and fitness books, business books, thrillers, romance, channelled books, eBooks, and everything in between! 

Whether it's non-fiction or fiction, we have produced it!

We bring books to life! 

We are with you every step of the way until you are holding your amazing book in your hands. We include, and consult you during every phase of production so you have total control throughout, and...so you LOVE the end result!
We are accessible! We don't ghost our clients, and you won't need to wait days for us to reply to through a clunky website contact us form—we are just a phone call, or email away throughout the entire process! 



We Make it Easy to Publish a Book!

We have a host of publishing services to help you bring your book to life including...

🌟 Manuscript Review 🌟

Professional review of your manuscript to ensure your book has all the components it needs to be market ready. Having a professional look over your book before it hits production, can often be the difference between a good book and a GREAT book!

🌟 Comprehensive Book Editing 🌟

Comprehensive, 3 round editing. This phase is where your work is checked for grammar, spelling, structure, flow, and duplication so the reader understands your work. It's also the part where your work is improved upon to really make it shine!

🌟 Professional Book Cover 🌟

Working with you, and any ideas you have in mind for your cover, our designers will create a professional and marketable book jacket, (front cover, back cover, and spine design). You will also receive a 3D image of your book for your promotions.

🌟 Internal Book Design & Formatting 🌟

Our designers will format and design your edited content into print and eBook industry standard files ready for the market! This is the part where your book comes to life, and you see how it will look as a printed, finished product! Up to 10 illustrations - children's books only.

🌟 Book Distribution 🌟

The greatest challenge  authors face is having a platform to sell books to both the general public and also book buyers.  We work with our industry partners who are leaders in global book distribution.

🌟 Book Marketing 🌟

You could have the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it—it won't sell! That's why book marketing and promotion is absolutely critical to your book's success! We have the best PR team at Bermingham Books who will help book retailers, book buyers, AND the media  know about your book. We create beautiful book trailers, 3D promo images, and write and roll out your media release. Many authors aren't marketers.  Some don't know where to begin, and others don't have the time to promote their books. That's where we come in! 
We even help authors write their books! See details on how we can help you write a book here.

We know what it takes for a book to become a bestseller, a great story or concept is only the beginning, from there it's all about the promotion.

Choose From These FantasticBook Publishing Packages

The Legacy Package 

Is for people wanting to write their story or family heritage to pass onto their future generations.  
This is a book that is not for public sale, it's a gift book for others or you can sell it to family and friends.
Packages start from $4379 + GST. Valid to 31 August 2022

General Publishing Package 

For people wanting to write a book and sell it to the public, and have it distributed in bookstores, and for sale on your website. Package prices start from $8799 + GST. Valid to 31 August 2022

Children's Book Package 

Is for people wanting to write a children's book which is illustrated (32 pages or less), and for general trade sale. Packages start from $6979 + GST. Valid to 31 August 2022


Choose the way you want your book to come to life.

LEGACY BOOKS - Books for your family - not for sale to the general trade 

Enquire about the LEGACY package here 

GENERAL BOOKS - Books for the market - sold in bookstores and online

Enquire about the GENERAL package here 

CHILDREN'S BOOKS - Fully Illustrated children's books up to 32 pages 

Enquire about the  CHILDREN'S package here 

We make one of the biggest, most important things you've ever done—easy.  Upon beginning with us, your manuscript will be reviewed, and a follow up meeting will be arranged to go over your manuscript to ensure it has everything it needs to be market ready, before it enters the production process. 
You will clearly understand the process and the timeline for each phase—you will know what to expect, when to expect it. At the end of the process you will have all your files neatly uploaded into a special folder ready for you to download and save.

And, you will have support, guidance and invaluable industry wisdom as we keep in touch with you, and walk you through each step until completion.
In less than 3 months you could be holding the book you've been dreaming  about in your hands! 

Get ready for the most amazing adventure of your life!

Some more things to remember when working with us are....

  • You have total control over your work.

    We are with you every step of the way until you are holding your amazing book in your hands. We include, consult and get your approval on the work before moving forward during every phase of production so you have total control throughout, and...so you LOVE the end result!

  • We're accessible! We don't ghost our wonderful clients!

    We are accessible! We don't ghost our clients, and you won't need to wait days for us to reply to through a clunky website contact us form—we are just a phone call, or email away throughout the entire process! 

  • We have personalised service - we don't take every book, just the ones we're passionate about!

    We are not a mass market book producer who takes on every book that comes to us. We need to believe in the work, and love the work!  As we like to have a hands on approach, we limit the books we take on each month to ensure our service is of a high quality and so we can be accessible and supportive when our clients need us. For this reason, we book up quickly! We are currently producing book covers for the December booksellers catalogue in preparation for the Christmas trade.  Our services are tailor made to your needs and budget.

  • We offer payment plans. 

    You can pay in full, or opt to take one of our payment plans through Afterpay with 4 easy instalments, or with our Direct Deposit Payment Plan.
    Both paying in full and Afterpay options are available on the online checkout page.
    To pay through our Direct Deposit Payment Plan a deposit of $1500 + GST is required to begin, this will need to be set up with us directly by emailing us.


We look forward to helping you achieve your authoring DREAM!

***** We are producing book covers right now for the

December booksellers catalogue! *****

Choose a Publishing Package, or get in contact with us today to discuss how

we can bring your book to life!

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