Ready to write your book?

We can help you get started, show you how to set up your manuscript, guide you on how to map out your book, show you how to develop characters and the storyline,  and begin writing it.
We can even mentor you through the entire writing process! Supporting and navigating you through the journey, you will have the the gift of someone with writing and industry wisdom with you every step of the way, every week via phone or Zoom call!

Select from our fantastic range of products and services to help you get started today!

Free Downloadable Manuscript Template

Not sure of what elements your book will need, or even how to lay it out? This manuscript template is the perfect starting place.

Download the free manuscript template now to see how to set your book out, and also what sections of the book you need for it to be trade ready. 


'How to Write Your Book' guidebook

DIY with this fantastic step-by-step guide book 'How to Write Your Book'.

This book contains all the information you need to go it alone in your own time. From setting up your manuscript, to writing your story, to producing and self-publishing your own book—this comprehensive book will guide you through the steps to take. 


Writing Mentoring Program

Be supported, guided and shown how to write your book.

If you're pressed for time, or want some hands on help in writing your book—this fantastic mentoring program will help you start and finish writing your book within 8 weeks! Writing can be a lonely journey, but by being in the mentoring program, you will be walked through the writing of your book, chapter by chapter.  Each week you will jump on a live phone or Zoom writing session with Rachael to pen out your book and get it finished, ready for production!